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A Few Testimonials from some of our Happy Clients:


“We were very impressed with Save Cell. They performed a full analysis for our company only to find out that we were already on the best plans. They didn’t charge us anything and thanked us for the opportunity. I can’t see why a company wouldn’t have them take a look at their bills. This was an instance where we actually had nothing to lose.“


 - Trevor F. of Freeman Real Estate


“This was a no-brainer for us. Either they were going to save us money or they were not going to get paid. In the end they were able to save us a lot of money each month. I can’t see why any company would not inquire about their services.”


 - Michael B. of Harris Sheaffer LLP


“Our company does a lot of travel and the costs associated with travel are often excessive. Save Cell got us plans that covered all of our travel and allowed us to save significantly every month.”


- Darrin K. of Kore Brands Inc.


“Our company spends a lot of money on our cell phones, internet and landline services. However these services are critical to the success of our company. We were approached by Save Cell to help bring down those costs. We were skeptical at first as we did not want to change providers or have any service interruptions. As it turns out, nothing changed and we just paid a reduced price from our services. They ended up saving us over $20,000 per year.


- Jordan W. of Hollywood North Auto Parts


“I contacted Save Cell to see how they could help reduce our cellular costs. Between myself, my wife and our two children, our bills were fluctuating each month and I cringed every time I opened our bill. Not only did Save Cell cut our cellular costs almost in half, but they saved us a lot of money on our internet and cable packages too. All in all they saved us close to 40%.  I would and have recommended their services to anyone looking to save a few bucks.


 - Paul C. of Toronto, ON


“I thought Save Cell wouldn’t want to deal with me, since I am a single user account and their probably wasn’t much they could save me. I contacted them regardless and found out they were happy to help. They ended up saving me over $50 per month and it didn’t cost me a penny. “


 - Caroline L. of Oshawa, ON


Save Cell was a big help to our family. They reduced the costs of our cell phones, internet, TV and home phone and allowed us to save enough money so that we could go on vacation, just from the savings.”


 - Peter S. of Calgary, AB


“We were paying a lot each month for all of our home services. I tried to figure out ways to bring down our costs, but I could never find a solution that had any longevity. I came across Save Cell and they have been a huge help. Not only did they bring our costs down by over 30%, they ensured our costs stayed down every single month.”


 - Frank R. of Toronto, ON


“A company that actually does what they say and does not play any games. They were honest, transparent and easy to work with. I will happily refer their services to my family and friends.”


 - Breanne L. of London, ON

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