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A Little Bit About Us...


Save Cell Communications Corp. was founded in 2007. It was developed with the belief that all Canadians (including ourselves) were paying too much for communications services. Between our cell phones, cable TV, internet and landlines, the costs were often more than we expected and more importantly, wanted to spend. We knew we were not alone and after doing some market research, we found that countless Canadians felt the same way, both in their business and personal lives. We knew there had to be a way to use these services without breaking the bank. And we were 100% committed to finding the solution.


We believe that all large corporations, small to medium sized businesses, families and individuals alike should be able to use these communications services without having to spend more than is necessary. We studied the industry, learned the ins and outs, made contacts within all the providers and promised our clients we would find ways to help reduce their spend moving forward. We assured our clients we were never going to switch their provider or their service. Our goal was simply to get them better pricing for the services they were already paying for. We wanted to save them both time and money.


We believe there is no better way to put your money where your mouth is than to offer our analysis 100% free of charge. We are that confident in our ability to reduce our clients’ communications spend that we are willing to perform the analysis for free just to see what we can save for you. If we can’t save you money than we don’t deserve to be paid. But we know that we can and we offer a risk free solution for doing so. In a time where value is hard to come by, you wont find better value than this with our contingency based pricing.


Over the years we have found great success in continuing to find ways to help save our clients’ money. Every dollar of revenue we generate as a company comes directly from the savings we generate on behalf of our clients. To date we have saved our clients over $6,000,000.00 and this number continues to grow hand in hand with our company.


We have done work for people/companies of all different shapes and sizes. Whether you are a single user or a large business dependent on all of these communications services, we will work our butts off to ensure you are paying the lowest possible price.



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To date we have saved
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