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How It Works


Step 1 - Send Us Your Bills


We need to obtain copies of your bills so that we can analyze all of your data. After all, we are not mind readers. All we need 3-4 statements for your cell phones and 1-2 statements for your internet, cable TV and landline services. This gives us the information that is necessary to that we can perform our in depth analysis for you.




Step 2 - We Analyze


We will take those bills and perform a 100% free of charge in depth analysis for you. This will allow us to dissect the industry in order to find the perfect cost saving solutions for you. This is where we will identify the level of savings we are able to generate for you each and every month moving forward.


Step 3 - Paperwork


Once our analysis is completed, we will provide you with the results. This will show you how much we can save you each month and the usage/costs you incur each month for your services, along with the agreement to move forward with our services. Once these are signed and returned, its time for us to go to work for you so that you can begin to save.


Step 4 - Account Changes


We will call our contacts at all of the providers and begin to make the necessary changes to your accounts. We will have them apply discounts, special plans and everything else that will allow you to begin to save. This is where we work our magic, ensuring you paying the lowest price for your communications services.


Step 5 - Savings Booklet


Once all of the changes are made to your accounts, we will send you a savings booklet. This booklet will summarize every change that was made to your accounts, the reason for making them and the savings you will now experience each and every month moving forward as a result of the changes. This is where we put a BIG smile on your face and you ask us “how did you do that”?



Step 6 - Invoice


Once your savings term is completed, we will send you an invoice for the savings generated over your savings period with Save Cell. We only want to be paid directly from the savings you have actually experienced, which is why we wait until you save before we get paid. This is the true definition of contingency based pricing.

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