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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I’m under contract with my current wireless carrier, and would prefer to stay with them.  Can I?

A:  ABSOLUTELY!  We won’t move you from one carrier to another.  We simply work with your current carrier, negotiating on your behalf, to arrive at the plan that best suits the way you use your services.


Q:  How long will these savings stay in effect?

A:  Great Question!  These changes are permanent, or until you change your plan again.


Q:  I’m due for a hardware upgrade soon.  Will I still be able to get that after you’ve done your job?

A:  Definitely.  What we do for you does not have any impact on your eligibility for hardware upgrades.  If you are due for an upgrade soon, that will not change.


Q:  Why can’t I do this myself?  I can call my carrier and negotiate my own plan, can’t I?

A:  You could, but you may want to consider these points:

      i.  Would you defend yourself in court without a lawyer?  Would you try to fix your leaking faucet without      calling a plumber?  These things are best left to experts.  The same goes for your phone plan.

      ii. When you call, you’re speaking with Customer Service, or perhaps Customer Retention.  These people are limited in their plan knowledge, as well as their authority.  When we are speaking to your carrier, we have a direct line to people several layers behind Customer Service, who have awareness and authority to discuss plan features that will work best for you.

      iii.  Typically when you negotiate for yourself, Customer Service will give you concessions that are temporary, or that are marginal in their effect.  Their goal is to make you happy, but at the same time keep your bills as high as possible.  Our objective is to get your bills as low as possible, and keep them there!


Q:  If I add you as a Level 1 Authorized User, in order for you to do this work for me, will I still have control of my account?

A:  Definitely YES.  You are simply adding us to your account so that we can work for you.  We do not replace you.  You still have full access and control of your account.


Q:  Will I have to renew my contract term in order to do this?

A:  In most cases, no.  However, on occasion, we ask for something that makes the carrier ask for something in return… like further commitment.  In this case, we would contact you and ask for permission to renew your term.  We do not renew without your consent.


Q:  I travel a lot.  Can you help me reduce my roaming costs?

A:  SURE.  While performing our analysis, we typically ignore “one-offs”, such as roaming or hardware upgrade costs.  However, if we see that roaming is, in fact, part of your typical activity, we will consider alternative ways of minimizing that cost, just like any other part of your usage.


Q:  I just recently re-did my plan.  Can you really still save me money?

A:  Most often yes, we can save you more money. However, we won’t know that for sure until we’ve had the opportunity to analyze your bills, and see how well your plan aligns with your usage. If, at that time, we see that your current plan is the best available for you, we will tell you that we can’t save you any more money, and you owe us nothing. In most cases though, we can reduce your bills further – so isn’t it worth us having a look?


Q:  Which Cellular Carrier do you work for?

A:  We don’t work for any cellular carrier.  We work for YOU.  Getting you the best plan for how you use your devices, at the lowest possible cost.  That is our business.


Q:  I would think Rogers/Bell/Telus, etc. must hate you.  After all, as you reduce my bills, you’re reducing their income.  Do they?

A:  Yes and no.  Yes, we do take some money out of their pockets, but at the same time, in an interesting way we act as a Customer Retention Department for them.  We often prevent a disgruntled customer, and cause them to stay with their carrier, as a result of what we did for them.

There’s a senior VP at one of the big 3 carriers who often asks if we’ve put him out of business yet.  We answer him “No!  Why would we want to do that?  You provide a critical service that people need!  We just want to be sure they’re not paying more than they should for that service.”


Q:  What about privacy?  Is my information secure?

A:  Absolutely, and completely.  We respect your privacy, and we do not share any of your information with anyone.


Q:  How much does it cost to have Save Cell perform an analysis of my phone bills?

A:  That’s a great question. The initial analysis is FREE, so there is no cost to you to find out whether or not we can save you money. You have nothing to lose and potential savings to gain!


Q:  What does Save Cell need to get started?

A:  In order for us to perform our analysis, we need 4 months’ worth of your cellular statements and just your most recent statement for all other services, including detail.  That’s it! 


Q:  How do I know that I am always paying the lowest possible price for all of my services each month?

A:   We constantly monitor your account to ensure you are paying the lowest price on all of your services. And remember, we only get paid based on a small percentage of the savings we generate for you. So our main goal is to save you as much money as we can. The more we save, the more we make.

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